Piaggio Aero

P180 Avanti II

Description :

The Piaggio Avanti II is a twin-engine business aircraft built by the Italian company Piaggio Aero, The cabin is pressurized and can carry two pilots and up to 7 passengers. Although not particularly noisier than others, the aircraft emits a particular sound due to the configuration of the wings and the effect of exhaust gases on the propellers. It’s a plane to see just for its atypical style.

Seats : 6

Speed : 750 km/h

Altitude : 12500 m

Range : 2200 km

Estimated price : 2100 €/h

Airplane floor plan :

Characteristics :


1,77 m

Width :

1,85 m

Length :

4,55 m

Luggage compartment volume :

1,90 m³

Checked baggage:


Hand luggage :