The benefits of private aviation for transporting a horse


The horse transport plane is specially designed to accommodate it.

Quick arrival

The animal benefits from a much shorter journey than by road.

Dedicated crew

Groom and flight attendants watch over the horse.

Adjusted rate

Get the best price for transporting a horse by plane.

Horse on plane
Air transport of equines: what conditions?

For commercial or private reasons, individuals and professionals may have to take their mount to the other side of the planet. Chartering a private plane may prove essential to transport a horse, in particular, for participating in a race or riding competition, or for the servicing of a mare by a pre-selected stallion on another continent. In any case, the transport of horses by plane is an area that cannot be improvised, and requires a very high level of expertise to guarantee the physical and mental well-being of the animal.
The importation or export of an animal of this size is also governed by specific regulatory standards, which vary depending on the country of departure and destination.

The team in charge of transporting the horse by air must know how to ensure that its administrative file is in order, with for example:


A passport from the French Riding Federation, for mounts on the list of sports horses.

An up-to-date health record.

The list of vaccinations.

Any import or export-related formalities for the planned itinerary.

Tailored fare
Book a private flight to transport horses

Excell’Jets charters an aircraft specially designed for the horse’s needs and makes you benefit from a fleet made up of several thousand aircraft, from dozens of air operators around the world. We will make every effort to ensure your mount the best possible experience, at the best price, while ensuring the preservation of its well-being. An accompanying groom and a dedicated crew will be present throughout the flight to ensure that stress is managed.
The owner of the horse and all its usual travel companions will of course be welcomed without difficulty on board the same plane, to follow the horse during his journey and reassure it.
Please note that the rates offered by Excell’Jets do not include land transfer from the stable to the departure airport, nor any veterinary fees. These aspects of the trip are not taken into account by the charterer and must be organized by the client.

Excell’Jets is committed to finding and offering you the best offer available in all circumstances.

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