The benefits of car air transport



In less than 24 hours, your vehicle is ready for use on another continent.


Transport in a converted container guarantees the integrity of the car.


Ship your vehicle to any race track, motor show or resort.


Travel with or without your vehicle, with premium on-board service.

Vehicle air freight
How to ship your car by plane?

In the context of an international move or other travel requirement, motor vehicle transport is most often provided by land or sea. This mode of transit results in significant delays before the car arrives, and therefore increases the risk of wear or degradation. These drawbacks are very damaging in cases which require the urgent use of the vehicle on the other side of the planet, such as a Formula 1 competition for a professional driver, a motor show for a large manufacturer or a vacation period for a private individual.
Under these conditions, the choice of vehicle transport by plane is naturally the preferred solution. A private operator specializing in car air freight will then take charge of the vehicle, condition its transport in a specially equipped container and arrange its transport from point to point. A private cargo plane guarantees take-off and landing as close as possible to requirements, thus limiting the time and constraints of land transit.

Rent a private jet
The best price for car transport by plane

Excell’Jets routinely handles vehicle air freight requests from a diverse clientele of international athletes, event and automotive professionals, and private individuals wishing to travel with their car. Our team selects the most interesting charter offers for you based on the destination, the type of aircraft and the size of the vehicle to be shipped. In particular, we are able to organize:

  • International transport of a luxury car
  • Transfer of a racing vehicle (Formula 1, Nascar Racing, 24 Hours of Le Mans…)
  • Export of a new vehicle ordered abroad
  • Transport of a fleet of vehicles for a motor show

Excell’Jets is committed to finding and offering you the best offer available in all circumstances.

For any booking request regarding vehicle transport by plane, all you need to do is contact Excell’Jets customer service, available 24/7. We can be reached by phone, email and through our website’s booking form. Get a personalized and transparent quote now with several competitive transport offers for your car.

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