Patients suffering from a serious injury as a result of an accident, or from a severely disabling illness, are often unable to fly a conventional commercial flight. Excell’Jets arranges the provision of a fully equipped medical repatriation aircraft on behalf of insurers and other private customers.

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The benefits of medical transport by air

Personalized flight plan

The air ambulance plane lands and takes off as close as possible to the patient and his medical team.

State-of-the-art equipment

The aircraft offers the services of a real flying hospital for the patient.

Fast and efficient

Reach France in a few hours from the most remote destinations.

An entire team mobilized

Flight attendants and medical team are at the patient’s bedside during the flight.

Medical jet
A medical flight for all types of pathologies

The occurrence of a serious accident or the contraction of a tropical disease are, among other things, part of the risks associated with a stay abroad. In some cases, the deterioration of the patient’s health or the complexity of his treatment require him to be repatriated as soon as possible to his country of origin, and to a care facility offering him the best chance of recovery. Insurance companies and private customers can then turn to booking a medical flight or “air ambulance”.
Medical evacuation by specially chartered plane offers significant health and safety benefits to the the patient. The presence of a medical team, composed of a minimum of a doctor and a paramedic, makes it possible in particular to ensure his follow-up during the flight. These healthcare professionals can rely on comprehensive medical equipment, ranging from the most common supplies to the latest generation of machines. Finally, the level of air pressure in the cabin can be adjusted for the patient’s well-being, which is not possible during medical transport on a commercial aircraft.

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Medical repatriation by air at a negotiated price

Excell’Jets is an airline broker whose mission is to bring numerous private operators into competition, in order to provide its customers with the most suitable and competitive tailor-made offer. Our expertise in medical air transport allows us to take into account all types of requests from international insurers or other private customers, and to come back to you with an operational solution for the safe transport of the patient. Our team can be reached 24/7 to manage health emergencies.
The medical equipment of the air ambulance planes we charter is always of a good standard, and is subject to adaptation by the operator according to the patient’s pathology. Healthcare professionals boarding the flight can count on:

  • a full intensive care unit
  • a high-capacity oxygen tank
  • an artificial respirator
  • a defibrillator
  • a blood analyzer
  • an electrocardiograph
  • a pulse oximeter
  • a mobile respirator
  • satellite communications.

Excell’Jets is committed to finding and offering you the best offer available in all circumstances.

Please contact us by phone, email or via our booking form to learn about the conditions for medical repatriation by plane from anywhere in the world.

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