The benefits of a jet taxi


Free yourself from time constraints with a direct flight.


Enjoy a luxury and personalized on-board service.


Land as close as possible to your destination city.


Fly aboard a modern aircraft with experienced staff.

All destinations
A plane taxi for all your business flights

Booking a jet taxi is an original and efficient response to the challenges of all professionals on the go. This travel mode saves considerable time by allowing you to freely choose not only the departure time, but also the precise place of take-off and landing. Our light jets and turboprop have access to most regional airports and local airfields with shorter runways, a real asset in reducing transport or transit delays.
The jet taxi stands out as an incredibly versatile option for all our customers, especially those who have to juggle an ever-busy schedule. Having a private jet for taxi allows you, for example, to make a round trip on the same day, to go sign a contract without losing a second on a relocated site or to attend a crisis meeting. Describe your requirements, and we will get back to you with a fully tailored formula.

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Book a jet taxi now with Excell’Jets

Are you looking for a low-cost jet taxi for your next trip? Excell’Jets will make every effort to select with you the aircraft best suited to your needs, as well as all the practical modalities of the trip. Our team supports a diversity of customers on a daily basis, made up of business travelers, top athletes, touring artists and of course private individuals who want to treat themselves to the pleasure of an air taxi. We are able to manage your travel schedule well in advance, as well as the most urgent and unforeseen situations. In any case, you will benefit from a dedicated account manager who will take into account all the specifics related to your account.
You can submit a booking request now, by contacting us by phone, email or through our contact form. With a very large air fleet, including many aircraft immediately available for charter, you will necessarily find a taxi flight offering both an attractive fare and advantageous convenience. Excell’Jets is eagerly waiting for you to experience a travel experience like no other!

Excell’Jets is committed to finding and offering you the best offer available in all circumstances.

Contact us or fill out our booking form now to check our rates.

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