Benefits of a sharing a private jet

Cost sharing

The pilot pools the cost of the flight with his passengers.

Sightseeing flight

A popular way to discover a region from the sky.

Light aircraft

Jet sharing is mainly offered in single-engine aircraft.

Flexibility required

The pilot decides all the terms of the flight.

Shared private jet flights
What is jet sharing?

Jet sharing, or “extended cost-sharing flight,” is a recent and original formula that takes up the concept of shared car travel introduced by now well-known platforms such as Blablacar.
The principle is the same: a non-commercial pilot, when planning a flight on his aircraft, may offer the free seats of his aircraft to interested passengers, provided that they contribute to the costs of the flight (fuel and maintenance of the aircraft). It is forbidden to make a profit, since this would be equated with a commercial flight for which the pilot has no authorization or training.
Plane sharing is gradually developing in France, especially since the French Federation of Aerospace (FFA) validated this practice under conditions. By 2019, nearly 150 aeroclubs were already offering this type of private shared flight, but it can only be carried out by pre-selected and licensed pilots. Interested passengers can find flights on different jet sharing platforms, which advertise flights and fees. The number of passengers is limited to a maximum of 6 per flight.

Avion partagé

Jet sharing and business aviation
Private aircraft sharing: a model with limitations

Jet sharing, or plane sharing, is a formula that can legitimately appeal to passengers because of its very competitive fares. A shared private flight, however, is far from having the same guarantees as business aviation flights, especially in terms of comfort and safety.
Private commercial flights strictly comply with the rules of public passenger transport, which is not the case for pilots sharing their plane: the required level of competence, experience and physical fitness is not the same. A shared private jet, moreover, is usually very light and the platforms offer a majority of single-engine aircraft, which is not adapted to the needs of some passengers in terms of comfort and transport capacity. Finally, the insurance risk is greater on a flight deemed free, since passengers will only be entitled to compensation if the pilot is proven – not simply presumed – to fail.
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