Prices per hour
How is the cost of renting a helicopter determined?

Booking a private helicopter has a price usually expressed per hour of flight, and depends on a number of factors:

  • The distance to cover. The longer the flight plan, the higher the cost of charter will logically be to cover fuel and crew costs. The maximum range of a helicopter, for the record, rarely exceeds 1,000 kilometers.
  • The aircraft category. The size of the helicopter depends on both the number of passengers to board and the desired level of comfort on board. From light single-turbine engines to larger civilian transport helicopters, the hourly rate can be multiplied by three.
  • The type of route. The most popular destinations in high season (seaside resorts, winter sports resorts, etc.) generate strong demand, and therefore drive the cost of helicopter rental upwards.

Finally, a significant reduction can be obtained by using an air broker such as Excell’Jets, which puts numerous private operators in competition and offers its customer the most advantageous helicopter rate for the planned route.

Helicopter rental price per hour: a few examples

ModelNumber of seatsRange of actionEstimated rate per hour
AgustaWestland AW109 Power5948 km€3,300
AgustaWestland AW13981,250 km€1,000
Airbus H125 Squirrel5667 km€1,500
Airbus H1303609 km€2,700
Airbus H225 Super Puma19989 km€3,000
Airbus H355 Squirrel 23593 km€1,500

Excell’Jets is at your disposal to arrange the rental of a helicopter at a negotiated and competitive rate.

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