Prepaid jet card
A decisive asset up your sleeve

The Traveling Card program incorporates all the traditional advantages of prepaid jet cards, and improves the concept to make it a real premium service, tailor-made for customers loyal to Excell’Jets.
How it works? Deposit funds into the secure account of your Traveling Card: they will remain available at any time with no expiry date and can be refunded unconditionally on request. In return, you benefit from a capped rate that is particularly advantageous capped rate on flight hours within our fleet, and can therefore plan your travel budget year-round and at the best price. A Traveling Card is thus much more than an ordinary prepaid card: it allows its holder to travel more and pay less.

Excell'Jets Traveling Card

Easy booking
A flexible solution for regular travelers

Customers with a credit account on their Traveling Card benefit from many facilities for booking a flight in a few clicks, or by sending a simple confirmation email. The card can be validly used for any domestic or international flight operated by Excell’Jets, unlike other jet cards that remain specific to a restricted geographical area.
The Traveling Card also offers complete freedom of choice as to which aircraft is best suited for the journey. From super light jets to turboprop and heavy jets, you can enter the most advantageous or suitable offers as soon as they are put on the market.

Traveling Card Benefits

No extra cost in peak season
Prepaying flight hours at a capped rate is the best strategy for optimizing the budget for all of your private flights throughout the year.

Without any limitations
With privileged access to exclusive Excell’Jets offers, a wide choice of aircraft of all sizes and validity all over the world, the card is quickly profitable.

Plan each trip in detail
The Traveling Card not only allows you to book the most suitable jet or charter flight, but also a hotel or even a business class ticket.

No hidden fees
The price shown is the price paid. The provision of a Traveling Card is not subject to any subscription fees or monthly payments.


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