The benefits of an empty leg flight

All destinations

Empty leg flight on private jets fly over every continent.

Low cost

A cheap private jet. Save up to 75 % on charter!

Taste for adventure

Seize opportunities and discover new destinations.

Comfort and safety

Enjoy the unrivalled luxury of business aviation.

A simple concept
What is an empty leg flight on a private jet?

Empty leg flights are journeys made by an aircraft without any passengers on board. It is usually a matter of taking the aircraft back to its basic airport after making a one-way trip for a customer, or to reach an airfield to take care of passengers.
A private empty leg jet flight represents a dry financial loss for operators, who must continue to bear the cost of fuel as well as the salaries of flight attendants. This is why most of them try to make their flights profitable by offering a cheap private jet rental on these routes.
Empty flights are very common and can account for up to 40% of all private flights in France and around the world. So many opportunities for customers who have the opportunity to adapt their agenda!

Louer un jet privé

Cheap private jet
Up to -75% on an empty leg flight with Excell’Jets

Excell’Jets is on hand to give you the exclusive benefits of a cheap private plane on an empty leg flight. Our team, responsive and efficient, can give you broken charter prices, with a fare reduction of up to -75% compared to conventional flights. Flights are available on a wide range of aircraft ranging from light jets to VIP aircraft.
Please note that low-cost empty leg flights by nature have specific constraints and require a minimum of flexibility from the customer. Flight schedules, like departure and arrival airports, correspond to the logistical needs of operators and are generally non-negotiable. The fare reduction, on the other hand, is more attractive when the number of passengers is high.
The adaptability and a certain amount of opportunism are therefore the best qualities to benefit from the cheapest private jet! Excell’Jets flight experts can be reached 24/7 to search for and find an empty flight that meets your needs.


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