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Our private jet rental offer is aimed at all those who wish to free themselves from the constraints of a commercial flight. Whether you are a professional accustomed to the incomparable comfort of business aviation, a sportsman on the move for a competition, a touring artist or a private individual on the eve of a holiday, the Excell’Jets team can mobilize many private air operators. A fleet of several thousand aircraft including light jets, airliners and helicopters allows us to charter a 100% custom-made private jet trip for you, at carefully negotiated rates.
With Excell’Jets, a private jet transfer is as quick and easy as a phone call or a confirmation email. We are able to respond to a last minute charter request for a private jet, with take-off within one hour at most. The offer submitted to the customer directly indicates the total cost in full transparency, without invoicing for fuel costs or waiting time before take-off, and does not require any subscription or long-term commitment.

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Your Excell’Jets advisor manages, on your behalf, all the terms and conditions of your next private flight, including schedule programming and obtaining all regulatory authorizations. Our versatile team knows how to adapt to the most specialized passenger and air freight missions, including, for example, the rental of a wedding helicopter, an air taxi or a cargo plane for animals or vehicles. Do not hesitate to check our terms and conditions for each type of flight and submit a booking request.
Excell’Jets works in close collaboration with the largest private jet companies and selects with extreme care the aircraft, pilots and flight attendants allocated to each client. The design of each private plane flight mobilizes our energy and resources to offer you the conditions that best suit your needs, and to make the experience an unforgettable memory from boarding to arrival at your destination.

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    Jet rental prices

    Avec Excell’Jets, vous avez la garantie de louer un jet au meilleur prix, sans coûts additionnels ni cachés. Nous vous proposons toujours le tarif le plus adapté, en fonction de la disponibilité des jets privés, de l’itinéraire et de la date souhaitée.

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    Jet sharing

    Jet taxi

    Business jet

    Our fleet

    Empty leg flight

    Low cost private jet travel is now a dream within everyone’s reach. By taking advantage of empty leg return flights by operators, you will often be able to obtain fares comparable to those of a conventional commercial flight, while benefiting from the unique business aviation experience.

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    Medical flight

    Patients suffering from a serious injury as a result of an accident, or from a severely disabling illness, are often unable to fly a conventional commercial flight. Excell’Jets arranges the provision of a fully equipped medical repatriation aircraft on behalf of insurers and other private customers.

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