Charter a private jet to travel with your pet

No separation

The animal remains by your side, in the cabin, throughout the flight.

Reduced formalities

Embarking an animal on a private flight is less restrictive.

Water and food

The on-board staff takes care of all the animal’s needs.

Appropriate rates

There is no significant additional cost associated with the presence of an animal.

Traveling with an animal
Commercial flights: an ordeal for our four-legged friends

Shipping a dog or a cat by plane, regardless of its size, is subject to increasingly stringent regulatory constraints on most commercial flights, which can discourage many owners.
Beyond that, the main difficulty is to temporarily abandon the animal in a cage to make it spend the trip the luggage hold, far from its owner. This ordeal inflicts obvious stress on the animal, to the point that many owners prefer to sedate their companion to make these long hours a little more bearable. In addition, the cargo hold, although it is pressurized, may be subject to significant temperature variations that will affect the animal’s well-being.
Transporting a cat or dog by long-haul plane or for a simple domestic flight does not have to be a traumatic experience for the animal as well as for its owner. Renting a private jet is the perfect solution for your pet to travel in peace.

Say goodbye to the cargo hold
The best rates for transporting a cat or dog by plane

Excell’Jets specializes in chartering private jets and helicopters from a wide variety of airlines, for clients of all profiles. Our team will be happy to take care of the specific needs of your pet to offer you a completely tailor-made flight, during which your faithful companion will naturally be allowed to accompany you in the cabin, without a cage.
Although the paperwork for transporting a dog or cat plane is kept to a minimum in the event of a private flight, we remind you that animals also need documents to travel! You should bring:
– The European pet passport for travel within the borders of the European Union.
– The animal’s health record containing all the mandatory vaccines that are up-to-date for the destination country.
– Any other document required in the destination country.
Excell’Jets advisors are at your disposal if you have any questions or to help you submit your booking application, and will find the best price for transporting your pet.

Excell’Jets is committed to finding and offering you the best offer available in all circumstances.

Contact us or fill out our booking form now to check our rates.

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