The benefits of a helicopter for medical transport

Quick transfer

A helicopter ambulance can cover hundreds of kilometers very quickly.

Complete equipment

Medical helicopters carry the best medical equipment.

Total flexibility

The patient lands at the gates or on the roof of the hospital, ready for treatment.

Experienced staff

Highly experienced health professionals board the flight.

Medical helicopter
Cutting-edge logistics at the service of the patient

The helicopter ambulance is an aircraft specially chartered to carry out the transfer of a medical patient from point to point. The versatility specific to the helicopter makes it possible to envisage all types of routes, whether it involves transporting a seriously injured person from a hospital to another specialized establishment or even repatriating a patient from a nearby country to the France. In any case, medical transport by helicopter cannot be improvised and must be carried out with all the guarantees of safety for the patient transported.

The effectiveness of a short-haul medical helicopter flight can make the difference, from a patient’s perspective, between a chance of survival and a fatal outcome. This is why patients in intensive care, in particular, must be able to count on a punctual, efficient and rapid transfer, in all circumstances and regardless of the logistical constraints. An airline broker like Excell’Jets is able to mobilize an aircraft within 60 minutes to respond to a vital emergency.

Ambulance helicopter
Entrust your medical helicopter reservation to Excell’Jets

Excell’Jets is at the service of all its customers, including insurance companies wishing to charter a helicopter ambulance to transport a patient subject to a heavy treatment protocol. Our collaboration with many air operators allows us to select for you the helicopter most suitable for the mission from a wide range of models. Our team strives to combine a cost control effort with the strictest requirements regarding the level of medical equipment of the aircraft, in order to guarantee the patient a fast, serene and 100% secure transfer.

Ambulance helicopters chartered by Excell’Jets always contain the medical equipment necessary for patient care during the flight, established in close consultation with the healthcare professionals who monitor it. A medical helicopter usually takes on board:

  • A scoop stretcher
  • A portable respirator for patients on oxygen
  • A defibrillator
  • A versatile medical monitor (blood pressure, electrocardiogram, pulsoxymetry…)
  • Small medical supplies

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