The benefits of private aviation for transporting animals

Adapted transport

The animal travels on a specially equipped plane.

Fast and safe

A less taxing mode of transport than the road or the boat.

Animal comfort

Animals, too, are entitled to a premium on-board service!

All species

Pets or wild animals can be shipped.

A logistical challenge
Transporting animals by air: a specific trade

Whether you are responsible for a pet (dog, cat, bird, reptile, rodent…), another type of domestic or livestock animal or a wild and very exotic species, long-distance journeys can be a difficult ordeal. Air transport is, by far, the preferable option for the welfare of the animal due to the speed of transit. However, traditional commercial flights very often prove to be unsuitable for this type of demand.
Moving to the other side of the world or going on vacation may require the transport of pets by plane. Likewise, specialized breeders, animal park managers and various companies in the agri-food sector may need a reliable intermediary to arrange flights in the best safe conditions for their animals and livestock.

Air freight of animals is subject to strict regulatory supervision, and therefore requires a specialist to take charge of:


Compliance with I.A.T.A. regulations regarding the conditions of transport and the sizing of the crates for each species.

Verification of administrative documents (EORI number of French customs, import permit, animal veterinary protocol).

Compliance with the rules for importing animals into the country of destination, including a possible quarantine reservation.

Private plane for animals
Book animal transport by air

Excell’Jets is able to charter a jet, an airliner or any other type of aircraft to bring any type of animal to port. Our team works daily with a large number of air operators and masters the regulatory intricacies related to animal transport. As an Excell’Jets customer, you will benefit from the best conditions to organize transport of animals by plane at reduced prices.
We consider the animal as a sentient being and not as a commodity. Each aircraft is is subject to special arrangements to optimally meet its physiological needs and psychological well-being, depending on the size and characteristics of the species to be transported. Contact us now to find out about the available flights and provide your pets with the best possible experience.

Excell’Jets is committed to finding and offering you the best offer available in all circumstances.

Contact us or fill out our booking form now to check our rates.

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