The benefits of helitaxi

Point-to-point flight

A helitaxi can land almost everywhere. Ideal for a tailor-made ride.


Our helicopters of all sizes adapt to your needs.


The taxi helicopter frees you from traffic jams and hazards.


A mode of transport renowned for its safety and comfort.

Helicopter ride
A recommended choice for mobility

Renting a taxi helicopter, by the day or for a one-time trip, provides unrivaled flexibility compared to other land or even air transport modes. Passengers have the freedom to board in the immediate vicinity of their home, and thus escape the constraint of a journey to the airport. The helicopter provides freedom of movement that surpasses even that of a car, at a much higher speed.
Likewise, the versatility specific to this aircraft allows the pilot to land in complete safety at the client’s final destination, whether it be the heliport of a ski resort or the surroundings of a stadium, or even a large private property. Transferring by helicopter to the nearest airport to board a private jet or a commercial flight is also a great way to shorten the total duration of a trip.
Taxi-helicopters provide the definitive answer to the problems of traveling in urban areas or over short distances. They suit the needs of a business clientele wishing to adhere to a strict hourly schedule, or of high-level athletes and artists seeking comfort and discretion.

Rent a taxi helicopter
Book a helitaxi at the best price with Excell’Jets

With an air fleet of more than 5,000 aircraft available for charter, Excell’Jets is expanding its offer and now allows you to book a helicopter ride with astonishing ease, among a wide range of modern and efficient models. Our team, which can be reached 24/7, is at the disposal of Excell’Jets customers to offer them the most competitive and best-suited helicopter flight. The competition between many operators gives you a great freedom of choice among different flight options, routes and sizes.
The rental of a taxi helicopter can be taken into account for purposes other than simple passenger transit. Feel free to contact us to organize, for example, the aerial shooting of a site or building, medical transport or the conveyance of priority goods to their destination. Excell’Jets’ global coverage allows us to charter an aircraft to fly over any continent.

Excell’Jets is at your disposal to arrange the rental of a helicopter at a negotiated and competitive rate.

Contact us or fill out our booking form now to find out about our rates and get a full quote.

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