Private helicopter flight
Travel with unparalleled flexibility

Booking a helicopter trip is often the best and most attractive option for covering a distance of less than 300 kilometers as the crow flies as quickly as possible. Modular at will, the helicopter is able to take off and land on a very large number of sites ranging from the international airport to simple private agricultural land, including of course heliports and the most modest airfields. This total versatility makes it the aircraft of choice for customers wishing to keep control of their agenda in all circumstances.
Besides the speed of travel, helicopter transport is the source of many advantages. These aircraft generally offer a much clearer and more spectacular view of the surrounding landscape, which helps in making each trip a unique and rewarding experience. Moreover, if the smallest single-turbine aircraft can only carry a single seated passenger, a luxury helicopter of larger size can easily accommodate up to 8 people.

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Rent a helicopter
An aircraft available for all your needs

Are you looking for an attractive offer of helicopter rental with pilot, at a negotiated rate? Excell’Jets is an air broker that specializes in finding and selecting the best aircraft available for charter. We take into account all the specifics of your booking request, and are able to meet many different needs:

  • Helitaxi (business flight with round trip in the day, site visit, participation in a crisis meeting…)
  • Heliski (dropping groups of skiers at altitude for the practice of winter sports)
  • Wedding helicopter (provision of an aircraft on the day of the ceremony or the day of the marriage proposal)
  • Ambulance helicopter (emergency health transport of patients in heavy or intensive care)

Excell’Jets processes your helicopter rental requests 24/7: give us a phone call or fill out our booking form. We are committed to getting back to you as soon as possible with a personalized and transparent quote for your trip or helicopter transfer. In all cases, the customer always has the final say on the type of helicopter and the precise terms of the flight.

Helicopter rental prices

With Excell’Jets, you are guaranteed to rent a helicopter at the best price,without additional or hidden costs. Nous vous proposons toujours le tarif le plus adapté, en fonction de la disponibilité des jets privés, de l’itinéraire et de la date souhaitée.

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