Reliability and high standards
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We select operators with only the highest standards to ensure your safety during your flight. Our network allows us to compare rates and, more importantly, the reliability of the proposed charter for the more than 5,000 aircraft and helicopters we have available. In order to be able to charter a plane or helicopter, our partner operator are subject to a full audit to verify that they meet the requirements of the aviation authorities and that they are able to provide secure flights. Renting a private jet with our company is done so with the best safety conditions in order that your flight does well and you can enjoy our high-quality services.

Safety and maintenance
We meet the highest standards

Excell’Jets only works with operators with an Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC). This certificate ensures control over company safety measures, management and operational management skills, crew training, aircraft maintenance, aircraft loading, flight planning and fuel management. The rental of each private jet with our team meets all the security conditions so that you can enjoy your flight on board with confidence.

But we are not content with regulatory requirements. We also impose additional selection criteria on operators wishing to integrate our network, such as security and compliance with VIP service standards. Based on our expertise and market knowledge, we systematically check insurance policies, airworthiness certificates and crew history. Your safety on private aircraft depends on equipment, aircraft maintenance, experience and pilot training. With Excell’Jets, you fly safely thanks to the rigorous checks we carry out very regularly.

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