A recent, low-polluting fleet

Reduced consumption

The new generations of aircraft are characterized by significantly reduced fuel consumption per kilometre travelled. This efficiency not only allows passengers to offer increasingly attractive fares, but also to limit the release of CO2 and fine particulate matter into the atmosphere and thus to act in favour of our planet.

Modern fleet

Excell’Jets offers its customers a particularly modern and fuel-efficient fleet, with the best models of reputable aircraft manufacturers such as Cessna, Falcon, King Air or Embraer. Whether you want to board a light business jet, a heavy jet or a turboprop, you’ll have the pleasure of enjoying state-of-the-art technology.


As part of the French government’s national low-carbon strategy, Excell’Jets is also committed to integrating the use of sustainable aeronautical biofuels as soon as possible, which will have to make up at least 5% of the kerosene used in 2025, and 10% by 2030.

Technology for route optimization

Flight conditions, altitude climb and descent modalities as well as the route taken have a direct effect on the aircraft’s fuel consumption, and provide a significant margin for optimization.

Excell’Jets constantly strives to limit the impact of each of its flights on the environment, including the use of sophisticated flight analysis software. We take into account both the total weight of the aircraft, its fuel consumption at cruising pace, the expected route, the weather conditions and the predictable density of air traffic to produce a flight plan that will minimize pollutant emissions.

A drastic limitation on empty flights

Empty flights, most often made after dropping off passengers at the right port in order to reach the aircraft’s base airport, represent a lost opportunity from an economic point of view. They are distinguished, also and above all, by an unnecessary carbon footprint and additional fuel consumption.
Excell’Jets is committed to minimizing empty flights in its air fleet, including offering its customers very advantageous fare discounts up to 75% on some return routes. By booking one of these flights, you’ll enjoy the renowned comfort of our aircraft and the entire Excell’Jets experience, while benefiting from extremely competitive prices and the satisfaction of acting, at your level, for the ecological cause.

United Nations Climate Change100% compensation for our carbon emissions

As an Excell’Jets customer, you are guaranteed that your private flight will have a neutral impact on the environment. Our company is committed to offsetting 100% of its greenhouse gas emissions, through the principle of carbon offsetting recognized by the Kyoto Protocol.
This mechanism implies that we fund actions to reduce carbon emissions or preserve the environment, such as reforestation projects, at the strict level of the polluting emissions of our air fleet. Excell’Jets thus enshrines the development of its business in a responsible and proactive ecological approach.

A proactive reduction in the use of plastics

More than 220 million tonnes of plastic are produced each year according to Unesco. A significant part of these synthetic materials then escape the recycling sector and contribute to a considerable pollution of our environment, especially the oceans.
Excell’Jets is fully aware of the issues related to telluric and marine pollution, and is committed to permanently reducing the use of plastics in its devices as well as in all its business processes. Our customers benefit from a high-end on-board service, which limits the use of plastic packaging and utensils as much as possible. Every small gesture can make a difference to clean up our daily environment and protect our biosphere.

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