HA-420 / HondaJet

Description :

The Honda HA-420 HondaJet is a business aircraft, developed by the Japanese company Honda and produced in the United States. It falls into the category of very light jets, that is, small business jets. The HondaJet’s unique design provides an incredibly large cabin space for an aircraft of its class. Viewed from the outside, its size is comparable to other very light jets, but it can accommodate up to 5 passengers and has toilets and refreshments on board.

Seats : 5

Speed : 680 km/h

Altitude : 13000 m

Range : 2185 km

Estimated price : 2200 €/h

Airplane floor plan :

Characteristics :


1,50 m

Width :

1,52 m

Length :

5,43 m

Luggage compartment volume :

2,60 m³

Checked baggage:


Hand luggage :