Hawker Beechcraft

Premier 1A

Description :

Hawker Beechcraft launched the Premier 1A in 2005 to succeed the First 1. The most remarkable feature of the Premier 1A is its cabin, so spacious. Not only does it exceed the length and width of its cessna, but it is also larger than all other aircraft in its class. While the Premier 1A is to be classified among private light jets, its dimensions exceed those of some heavy business aircraft, such as the Learjet 45SR for example. From then on, this spacious jet can comfortably accommodate up to 6 passengers in club-4 configuration, two individual seats can even be added. The exceptional interior of the Premier 1A is very much due to its unique composite fuselage, which also allows the aircraft to cover a nice distance and reach an interesting maximum cruising speed. The combination of performance and comfort makes the Premier 1A a popular aircraft that is perfect for short-haul flights.

Seats : 6

Speed : 860 km/h

Altitude : 12000 m

Range : 2500 km

Estimated price : 2222 €/h

Airplane floor plan :

Characteristics :


1,70 m

Width :

1,70 m

Length :

4,17 m

Luggage compartment volume :

2,20 m³

Checked baggage:


Hand luggage :