Lineage 1000

Description :

The Brazilian manufacturer Embraer describes its Lineage 1000 as a ‘flying apartment’, with a cabin floor surface of 70 square meters. The layout in 5 separate zones is designed to meet the requirements of business meetings, meals, relaxation and rest and the 19 passengers will appreciate the comfort of the aircraft. Luggage is no longer a problem as 9m3 space is available in an interior compartment and additional luggage can be stored in a 3m3 outdoor compartment. The Lineage 100 is an extremely spacious aircraft and is also very comfortable with state-of-the-art stabilizers and turbulence detection technology to ensure in-flight comfort. In addition to the installation of dual turbojet, the VIP aircraft can travel more than 8,000 km covering transcontinental distances. In short, with its Lineage 100 Embraer has been able to offer the height of luxury in a spacious cabin while offering a remarkable possibility of operation.

Seats : 19

Speed : 870 km/h

Altitude : 12500 m

Range : 7800 km

Estimated price : 4000 €/h

Airplane floor plan :

Characteristics :


1,98 m

Width :

2,68 m

Length :

25,90 m

Luggage compartment volume :

12,50 m³

Checked baggage:


Hand luggage :