The Covid-19 pandemic has a considerable impact on the majority of airlines, and makes it particularly difficult to travel by air. By choosing to rent a private plane from a specialized provider like Excell’Jets, you will regain your freedom of movement while enjoying an excellent level of health safety.

Much more flexibility than commercial flights

The global coronavirus epidemic, in part because of travel restrictions and the many border closings it causes, has very serious consequences for the airline industry. More than 185,000 flights had already been cancelled as of March 17, 2020, and the situation is expected to normalize only in a very gradual way.
Excell’Jets charters a completely private fleet, which can be mobilized at the request of its customers, and can therefore help you regain vital flexibility in your schedule and personal organization.

Draconian safety measures on board

During the flight, specific protocols were defined and implemented to ensure, among other things, constant disinfection of the hands and the most at-risk on-board elements. Protective means such as gloves and certified masks are also available to all passengers and crew members to eliminate any risk of contamination. Strict social distancing, finally, is implemented and respected throughout the entire flight.
There are other health safety benefits to renting a private jet. Passengers board from a private terminal and therefore do not have to pass through the often busy commercial terminals of major airports. The ease of arranging a round-trip flight on the same day, on the other hand, eliminates the need to stay in a hotel.

Careful disinfection after each flight

In order to ensure the absolute safety of its passengers, Excell’Jets now performs a complete disinfection of each aircraft after each domestic or international flight. This cleaning operation is entrusted to professionals certified by the Ministry of Public Health. It allows each passenger and crew member to board safely.
The aircrafts in our air fleet are 100% ventilated by a fresh air system, which ensures the renewal of indoor air and creates a much healthier environment.

Absolute compliance with national protection measures

Excell’Jets monitors the evolution of national, regional and local laws on a daily basis, and is committed to complying with all the necessary health measures for each destination. Flights transiting through France, for example, are systematically submitted to the obligation to produce a travel certificate for each passenger and crew member until the expiry date of this measure.
A toll-free number is available to Excell’Jets customers who would like to inquire about the availability of our aircraft and any restrictions in their destination country.


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