Description :

The Agusta Westland AW139 is a medium-sized twin-turbine helicopter produced by Italian manufacturer AgustaWestland. This model is particularly popular for VIP configurations because of its cabin space which is definitely the largest in its category. The spacious cabin and large passenger seats have nothing to envy to the comfort of a private jet. The AW139 can accommodate six passengers in a standard seating arrangement, and can carry up to 15 passengers maximum. The cockpit is designed for one to two pilots.

Seats :8

Speed :306 km/h

Altitude :6,095 m

Range :1250 km

Estimated price :1000 €/h

Luggage compartment volume :

3 m³

Checked baggage:


Hand luggage :


Characteristics :


1,00 m

Width :

2,00 m

Length :

3,00 m