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Premium services to meet all your needs.

Private plane rental at the best price

At Excell’Jets, we guarantee you the best price, without any hidden or additional costs. We always offer you the most suitable rate, depending on the availability of private jets, the itinerary and the desired date.

The most economical solution for renting a private plane: “Empty Legs” – enjoy empty flights These are trips made by private jets without passengers that are returning to their original airport or are going to pick up passengers. Therefore huge discounts can be applied to the rates. However it is possible that there are no empty flights that exactly match your itinerary and schedule. In this case, Excell’Jets will look to divert an empty flight for you. This means hiring a private aeroplane for an extra stop on its way to pick you up at your departure airport and/or to drop you off at one of your choice.

Finally, if no empty flight matches your request and that no diversion is possible, Excell’Jets will provide you with the best prices to rent a jet or helicopter.

Services that meet your expectations

Our team’s flexibility and availability

With Excell’Jets, there is no minimum notice, no long term commitment, no additional fuel costs or waiting time charges before takeoff. Our responsiveness allows us to meet any emergency or last-minute flight request (take off within 60 minutes).

Before your flight, your interlocutor Excell’Jets manages all the formalities of the preparation (time programming, coordination with the audience floor, catering orders, transmission of passenger list, obtaining any specific licenses …). During the operation, Excell’Jets will oversee the registration and boarding phases and pass on real-time flight movements to allow the optimisation of your journey.

After your flight, we send you a report and we meticulously plan the return journey.

The expertise of leading professionals

All of our colleagues and co-workers will do the impossible to ensure your satisfaction. They were selected from the most experienced and determined in their field. Using all of their experience, they will aid you throughout the rental of your private aeroplane to make sure the journey meets your requirements.

Our pilots benefit from completing the most exhaustive training program in the industry. The standards to which we conform guarantee you the best in safety and comfort.

Excell’Jets is much more than just a website and a jet on the runway! A team of business aviation specialists manages even the tiniest details of your flight in order to simplify your trip and anticipate your every need.

Our operational staff perfected their skills with the larger airlines and IT leaders, so Excell’Jets is committed to providing a high level of support and expertise.

Our service is always impeccable

You can rent a jet according to all of your wishes and requirements, with the equipment of your choice, to fit your important schedule and to the airport most suitable for your trip. Do you need a private jet no matter where you are in the world? We take care of everything! Do you have a trip that needs to be organised urgently? We can make it happen 24/7.

Excell’Jets offers the best aircraft and the best crews, subject to stringent and regular inspections. We don’t charge membership fees, acquisition costs or monthly management costs. No commitment is asked beyond the flight itself. Chartering a flight with Excell’Jets is the easiest way to access airports all around the world and turn your trip into a memorable moment.

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